+ C1:FAM,SYBR Green ,ISYTO 9,EvaGreen,LC Green
 + C3:ROX, Texas-Red
 + C4:Cy5

Real-time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR 96well
 - Real-time Fluorescence Quantitative PCR
 - Support 3 distinct configurations, providing variety of choices
 + Co-located configuration (PC control)
 + Standalone (PC free) configuration (Data exported by USB and analyzed on PC)
 + Networked configuration (PC software automatically detect all systems in LAN and Allow to remote monitoring one of experimental progress and downloading of the completed run file to the PC, one PC can control 10 instruments maximally)
 - Unique power-off protection function
 + Can save all the settled configurations for sudden power outages
 + Allow experiments continues when supply isrestored
 - Wizard operation: lock and unlock the transport locker.
 - Message alarmindicate the status of the machine
 - Channels Information
 + High-sensitivity and wide dynamic range of fluorescence detection system, sample dynamic range from 10' to 10" copies
 + Fast and precise mechanical scanning structure ensures the illumination uniformity wells, eliminate edge effects, no need for ROX calibration
 + Fluorescence excitation by a high-intensity and long-life LED, bulb luminance will not attenuation over time, free maintenance optical system through the entire life
 + Profess ional designed fluorescence filters realize the highly fluorescence transm ittance and meanwhile minimize the fluorescence channel crosstalk
 - Model: NX-96F
 + C1:FAM,SYBR Green ,ISYTO 9,EvaGreen,LC Green
 + C3:ROX, Texas-Red
 + C4:Cy5
 - Sample linearity: /r/0.999; 
 + Sample repeatability: Ct Value CV s0.5%
 + Concealed lid with constant temperature & isopiestic pressure
 + Electrical controlled elevating & automatic locked platform
 + Thermo block based on improved heat pipe technology, leading to extraordinary lintra-wel temperature homogeneity and maximized inter-well, inter-cycle reproducibility
 + Highly efficient PID&DSP control algorithm ensures faster respond and stronger interference resistance fast and uniform heating and heat sinking
 + Max. heating rate 6.1oC/s
 + Max. cooling rate 5.0oC/s
 + Temperature accuracy & uniformity ±0.1oC