Biosafety Cabinet HUCO Hankook Korea

Biohazard Safety Cabinet

 - Applications in medical testing, clinical medicine, molecular biology, culture and IVF.
 - People in risk group 3 (BSL-3) have a higher risk of infection, but the community is at lower risk.

Laminar flow cabinets

 + Users will come into contact with these items when operating on the microbiological cabinet, and depending on the object they work with, it will become too dirty, contaminated or infected.
 + NEVER use a microbiological cabinet to replace a biological safety cabinet.

Biohazard Safety Cabinet

 - A Biological Safety Cabinet (ATSH) is a closed laboratory cabinet designed to protect the user, the patient and the environment from biologically infectious pathogens.
 + When using biological safety cabinets, protection includes laboratory personnel, samples, and the environment.

Fumehood HUCO Hankook Korea

Fumehood low table

 - Purpose: It is a product designed and manufactured so that researchers can work from a low position by installing the special facility inside the HOOD inside the machine. 

Fumehood big chamber

 - Purpose: As a super-large FUMEHOOD, it is manufactured and installed on the upper part of the LAB TABLE or from the FLOOR to BOOTH TYPE according to the work content. It secures space utilization and facilitates connection and compatibility of laboratory equipment. 

Fumehood phenolic

 - Purpose: It is a product using materials suitable for laboratories requiring cleanliness or laboratories that use a lot of acid or alkali

Fumehood BYPASS

 - Purpose: It is a product with excellent efficiency that protects the experimenter and the research environment by quickly evacuating MIST and FUME generated during physics and chemistry experiments in research and laboratory with an airflow dynamic exhaust structure. 

PCR cabinet

PCR Cabinet

PCR Cabinet designed to protect contamination with UV sterilization system and HEPA filtered laminar flow which inhibits cross contamination

PCR Cabinet

Motor consumes less energy, reduce heat output and operates more quietly. Emission of 235.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination. 

PCR Cabinet

Automatic UV timer program saves your time during daily work. Self-compensation for the clogging of filters and life span optimize working

PCR Cabinet

ISO class 4 (US class 10) HEPA filter for optimal protection against cross-contamination. UV-blocking door and side panels made of transparent

Lab Furniture Hankook

Lab Table

 - Hankook laboratory table is designed as a variety of standard size 1200x750x800 1500x750x800 modules, which can be changed according to the actual needs of customers, along with ISO laboratory standards and other design standards.

Central Lab Table

 - Hankook's central laboratory table made in Korea is designed in modules with a length of 3000, 3600 or 4200 or 1500, the size of the table can be changed according to the needs of customers.

Consultant setup Lab

 - Laboratory furniture products are made in Hankook, made in Korea
 - The products are diverse and beautifully designed, the most important of which are ISO 17025, SEFA 10, BS EN 13150, ANSI ASHARE 110...